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Installation, Remodeling or Repair for Every Home or Business Need

Our company is bonded, licensed and insured, with ample experience as either a general contractor, or subcontractor, for any residential and commercial installation, remodeling or repair. No commercial or residential job is too large. Our equipment inventory and staffing capability is flexible enough to accommodate any home or business general contracting or subcontracting need. We subcontract to both commercial and residential builders or deal directly with homeowners or businesses of all sizes.

Whether your need is residential or commercial, we’re experienced in working during any hours of the day or night and in getting the job done in a timely and professional manner while keeping your home or business functioning at the maximum level possible. We are thoroughly familiar with all OSHA and state health and safety requirements and will make sure that all work stays in compliance with all such regulations – removing the risk and liability that may be associated with less experienced general contractors or subcontractors.

We specialize in artistic, custom layouts and designs for installation, remodeling or repair for either your home (residential) or your business (commercial) – or both! We even have extensive experience, as both a general contractor or subcontractor, in the most difficult (and expensive) area of all: high-end glass mosaic. However, if you need a more basic installation, remodeling or repair, for your home or for your business, we’ll make sure that your commercial or residential work gets done in a professional and timely manner at a competitive price.

Whether your commercial or residential needs are for an interior or exterior installation, remodeling or repair, our company specializes in providing you with service that meets or exceeds the highest professional standards. Whether as a general contractor or a subcontractor, we are experienced in providing you with an installation, remodeling or repair that will meet the exacting standards of the discriminating general contractor, home or business owner.

It all starts with giving us a call and setting up an appointment for a free, no obligation evaluation of the installation, remodeling or repair that you have in mind. We cover every home and business in the entire Sammamish, Bellevue, Issaquah and Redmond area, and will give you a residential or commercial estimate or bid that will cover everything that you desire for your installation, remodeling or repair – whether we are acting as general contractor or subcontractor. We’ll even give you free, professional advice on any aspect of the remodeling or repair that you may be unsure of. Finally, if we can’t provide you with the services you desire for your installation, remodeling or repair, we’ll be happy to recommend either a general contractor or subcontractor who can.

We have experience with the full range of installation, remodeling and repair materials. Some common materials used for installations, remodeling and repairs for homes and businesses are: natural stone, granite, marble, porcelain, ceramic, metal, glass and even leather! As either a general contractor or a subcontractor, we’re also experts at installing, remodeling or repairing all commercial and residential synthetic and composite materials.

Perhaps most importantly, we know that behind every high quality home or business installation, remodeling or repair is professional and diligent removal and/or preparation. This is the only way to guarantee an installation, repair or remodel that meets the highest commercial and residential standards.

It is important to make sure that removing material for remodeling and repairs is done carefully and expertly to avoid creating a whole new problem. Then, we make sure that all surfaces are perfectly level and ready to receive the best performing adhesive available to insure the longest lasting installation, remodeling or repair possible. If necessary, we are even capable of providing custom mixes designed specifically for the type of installation, remodeling or repair that you want us to provide for your home or business. Only after making sure any removal process is properly executed and all surfaces are properly prepared do we proceed to a precise lay out designed to accurately carry your residential or commercial job to completion.

The layout of an installation, remodeling or repair, together with the proper preparation will determine the quality of the finished product. Our specialists are so experienced that they can perfectly visualize the finished product that you desire for your home or business, and then provide an installation, remodeling or repair that will bring your vision to life.

From the beginning to the end of our work for your home or business, whether as a general contractor or subcontractor, we take every precaution possible to ensure that the rest of your home or business is fully protected from all possible sources of damage that can occur from an unprofessional or careless installation, remodeling or repair from a less experienced general contractor or subcontractor.

We look forward to coming out to your job site, home or business and visualizing with you the kind of installation, remodeling or repair that you are looking for and then working with you to make it a reality. Just click the contact tab to email us or call us 24/7 at 425-313-1516 and we’ll set up your appointment for a free, no obligation, guaranteed estimate or fixed bid for the remodeling or repair that you have in mind for your job site, home or business.

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