Custom Stone Installation and Design for your Home or Business.

Joe Tile and Sammamish Tile and Stone provide bonded, licensed and insured general contractors with extensive experience in custom stonemasonry. Our stonemason experts work with a full range of materials including natural stone, granite, marble and flagstone.  We also install all synthetic and composite stones.

Experienced Masonry and Execution from Beginning to Completion.

There are two things that separate a high quality professional stonemason from the rest.

The first is diligent preparation. Making sure the surface is perfectly level and ready to receive the highest performing stone adhesive possible.  We also supply custom adhesive mixes when necessary, ensuring your stonemason has the best materials to complete the project.

The second is an exceptional layout. Along with proper preparation, the optimal layout will determine the quality of the finished product.

Our stonemasons can visualize the finished product that will best accentuate your home or business and provide the masonry work that will bring that vision to life.

Protecting Your Home or Business from Unexpected Damage

In addition, we will take every precaution necessary to ensure that the rest of your home or business is fully protected from all possible sources of damage that can occur from unprofessional or careless stonemasons.

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Joe Tile. Diligent preparation and exceptional layout sets our stonemasons apart from the rest.